Circle T Border Collies, Inc.

Member American Border Collie Association and American Kennel Club



I have a passion about Border Collies.   I have owned Border Collies my entire adult life, and until recently, always had them fixed..

After the birth of my only grandson, I decided I needed to follow my passion - breeding and raising Border Collies.

I bought 2 full-blood ABCA registered Border Collies, with the intent of following my dream.

My grandson was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic on 4/24/15, and apparently while we were in the hospital, they created my first litter.

Our first litter was born on June 30, 2015.  We are keeping the only male pup to use him as a breeder.

I am currently researching specific training techniques in an attempt to scent train a pup to be a Diabetic Alert Dog,  Lots to learn, but its my goal.

We currently have 2  breeding pairs of Border Collies.

Our sire is Red "Jax" Haze, who comes from the Seven Links Ranch in Blanket, Texas.  Jax is a beautiful athletic red Merle who loves to play fetch with tennis balls.  

Our dam is Diamond T "Lady" who comes from the Diamond T Ranch in Bridgeport, Texas.  Lady is a sweet loving herding black/white who loves to herd Jax

Our sire Circle T "Bandit", was a pup from Jax and Lady, born on June 30, 2015.  Bandit is a black/blue Merle, with an outgoing personality.  He's learning the ropes around the place.

Our dam is Circle T "Missy", who comes from Lynn Daniels Border Collies in Atoka, OK.  Missy is a beautiful red/white solid, who we intend to pair with Bandit.